Challenging the Boundary of Healthcare
- Remote Telemonitoring

Japan Telemedicine Platform

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Our products

Pulse Oximeter

  • peripheral capillary oxygen saturation(SpO2 %)
  • Pulse Rate


  • compact, low-power consumption single-lead ECG device
  • ECG waveform
  • Heart rate

Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor
  • Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Mean Blood Pressure

Application on smart devices

  • Vital Sign Monitor which is operated by smart device application.
  • Collect data from supported devices via BLE, and display multiple parameters such as ECG, SpO2, blood pressure, etc. simultaneously
  • It features alarm function and data CSV exportation
  • Collected data will be transferred to the cloud and be used for telemedicine in diagnosis

EMG Biofeedback Device

  • a rehabilitation device for fecal incontinence patients after surgery for colorectal cancer, etc.
  • Application in smart device can display graphs and figures of the movement of your pelvic floor muscles and abdominal muscles, by means of electromyograph, that can visualize and evaluate the training progress


  • Evaluate risk of coronary artery disease and degree of atherosclerosis by measure several parameters at once, which include
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
  • Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV)
  • Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI)


1. Open Protocol

  • We will provide the Bluetooth protocol and open Web API for data utilization.
  • By complying with the protocol of the Japan Telemedicine Platform, the platform can be used with any existing devices.

2. Telemedicine

  • Data measured from supported devices will be uploaded to the Cloud automatically.
  • When patients in rural or remote areas that physicians and clinicians are hard to access to, they can track and review all data online and provide suitable instructions and advices using telemedicine technologies.

3. Data Leverage

  • Data stored in the Cloud can be used for various research or a database for automatic diagnosis via AI technology.

About Our Project

ICT/IoT technology is growing at a rapid rate, and the digitization of
medical information/records is implementing in lots of countries.
In the past, ''Diagnosis'' means that healthcare professionals provide an examination to patients in-person, and inform patients about their health status based on the test results personally.
At present, no matter where patients are located, doctors often can provide medical care remotely, it means that online medical care, now also called ''Telemedicine'' is expanding rapidly.

While there are lots of telemedicine and teleradiology services in the current market, ''long-distance'' monitoring systems, and a platform that can show and track several vital signs
at the same time are seldom being seen.
Therefore, our project is to expending ''Japan Telemedicine Platform'' which accumulates vast amounts of medical parameter information that can easily access anytime, anywhere.
We aim to utilize accumulated Big data via machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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